Coach Responsibilities (Exeter Minor Ball)

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Coach Responsibilities

Ensure 30 minutes minimum time between team uses on diamond (stay in vehicles until the 30 minutes is met at the diamond)

Encourage physical distance of 3 metres of all players and coaches as much as possible during practice/play. Only coaches and players on deck may be on the bench. All players are encouraged to bring a chair and will sit 3 metres apart with their own equipment at their spot.

Masks are mandatory off the field of play and when on field within 3 metres of anyone. Masks are strongly encouraged all other times.

Encourage hand sanitizing upon leaving the field of play.

Run drills with players in groups of 3 to 4 (maintain groups intact throughout all practices to minimize number of interactions)

Consider split squad practices with no physical cross-over between sessions.

Distribute practice plan in advance to reduce the need for huddles / close communication.

Group rotation in one direction (i.e. clockwise around field)

Encourage use of protective gloves and personal face masks by all event personnel, participants (where feasible), and spectators.



Sharing of equipment such as batting helmets, catchers’ masks, or other equipment likely to have been exposed to respiratory droplets should be avoided. Equipment that must be shared must be cleaned/sanitized between players' use.

Rules of acceptable behaviour cannot be contravened.

General equipment (eg. L-screens, field maintenance equipment, bases) must be wiped down between groups if it must be shared

Ball prep (mud rubbing) to be done by one appointed personnel with protective gloves. No use of saliva in preparing balls.

No bat boys/girls shall be allowed




Except as noted in the following bullet point, the two teams may share the field for pre-game warm up provided physical distancing is maintained. Each team shall stay in the outfield area on its side of the field. Hitting whiffle balls in the outfield is not considered BP for purposes of the following bullet point.

Only one team shall be on the field at a time for BP (on the diamond), and Infield or infield/outfield practice.

Pre-game ceremonies (i.e. anthems, first pitch ceremonies,etc.) are discouraged

Minimum physical distance of 2 metres at Home Plate meeting wearing non-medical mask or face covering.

Game Play

Team meetings, including pitching visits, shall maintain physical distance of 2 metres minimum. A maximum of 1 person (coach or player) and the pitcher may be included in a pitching visit.

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (visor or mask, gloves) must be used by trainers (or persons performing trainer function) when assessing an injury

If a coach must approach an umpire, physical distancing of at least 2 metres must be maintained. Failure to do so may result in ejection.

While on offence, base coaches must always stay within their box, except to avoid a play being made in the coach's box.

Any discussions between coaches and players (eg. batter visiting 3rd base coach; coach talking to runners, etc.) must maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres and the coach must wear a nonmedical mask or face covering.

Pitchers, catchers, spotters and bullpen coaches must always maintain a physical distance of 2 metres while pitchers are warming up in the bullpen


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