Rules (Exeter Minor Ball)


Exeter Major Rookie Tournament Rules


  1. Home team is decided by coin toss.
  2. Each team shall have 10 players (6 infielders/4 outfielders) in the line-up. A team may play as long as it has 8 players at the game. If 7 or less players at a game, the game is forfeited to the other team.
  3. The only coaches that are allowed to be on the field and to coach are the 1st base and 3rd base coaches for the offensive team.
  4. Closed toe shoes must be worn by all players as well as the operator of the pitching machine
  5. The coach feeding the pitching machine must wear a regulation batting helmet.
  6. If a batted ball hits the pitching machine or any adult on the playing field, then the ball is declared dead and the batter is awarded first base. All other forced runners will move 1 base.
  7. The pitcher must wear an approved batting helmet with a facemask and chinstrap attached.
  8. The height of the pitched ball can be adjusted at any time (not for each individual batter), however pitching machine speeds cannot be altered except at the end of an inning. The machine speed is a minimum of 38mph and a maximum of 40mph. Any tampering with the machine speed by the coach feeding the machine shall result in the coach's immediate ejection. If the machine speed remains erratic, contact convenor.
  9. Batters must drop the bat and not throw it (intentionally or unintentionally) upon hitting the ball. Penalty: each team shall be entitled one warning per game. Any further offences by a team shall result in the batter being declared out, the ball being dead and the base runners must return to their bases.
  10. Games are 7 innings with no new inning starting after 75 minutes of play and finishing within the 90 minute
  11. Batter will receive up to a maximum of 5 strikes as called by the umpire.
  12. 5th strike is automatically out. The batter shall not be called out if the 5th strike is called a foul ball
  13. Outfielders must be a minimum of 15 ft behind the bases and base paths.
  14. Base runners cannot leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball. No lead off permitted. One warning will be issued and for any further infractions thereafter, the runner will be called out. Each team will receive one warning.
  15. When a batted ball is hit to the outfield the runners may advance to the next base or bases at their own risk until the ball is controlled by an infielder.
  16. Runners are not allowed to steal any base or home. Runs can only be scored when a ball is batted into play.
  17. An inning will be 7 runs or 3 outs, whichever occurs first.
  18. All players must bat.
  19. No open inning
  20. No mercy rule.
  21. Coaches have the option to have a courtesy runner for catcher.
  22. Infield fly rule does not apply.
  23. A single white base is to be used at first base only and not a contrast-coloured (orange) double base.
  24. In the event of lightning, play is to cease immediately. The Umpires/convenor will instruct resumption of game.
  25. Due to the fact that runs for/against may be needed to decide placement, if home team is winning going into the bottom half of the last inning, the home team will take their last bat until game is over or maximum plus points is reached.  
  26. Ties will not be broken during round robin games.  During playoff games the international tie-breaker rule will be in effect starting with the 8th inning or after time limit has expired (last available runner starts the extra inning at 2nd base)
  27. There will be no time limit for final championship game, unless agreed to by both teams prior to the game.
  28. In order to keep on our time schedule, the tournament convenor may reduce time limit by up to 15 minutes until games are back on schedule
  29. No infield practice will be allowed
  30. NO PROTESTS ALLOWED - Umpires decision is final
  31. Organizers of this tournament are not responsible or held liable for any injuries incurred






















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